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Lineage II
It's been about 3 and a half years since I last played L2. That game has changed and grown so much.

I'm playing on a private server this time though which comes with the greatest advantage of having the experience set to x15. The grind is greatly alleviated. How long have I been playing? A little over a week, and my dwarf, Norina, (just like the one I abandoned many years ago) is already level 71.

I have been utterly and completely cracked out on this game, and so deliriously happy. I missed that game more than I cared to admit, and I would have gone back if I had not sold the original Norina when I left.

I learned my lesson with Everquest 2 though. I canceled my account a long time ago, but I did not sell my account or give away my stuff. If I want to play in 4 years, it'll be right there waiting.

I love how I've been getting questions from other players, "Why are you playing a dwarf?" (The only 2 classes they can play are crafter and resource hunter.)

"Because I like it."

The question arises because that class is pretty much considered "useless" in player vs player combat and only considered for their use as a money making alt.

Some people have never heard of simple joy and fun. *laughs*

Anyway, it's so incredibly fun to be playing that again.

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have you heard of "Second Life" on the internet. Its supposed to be very open for creativity in a Sims like society with people all over the world. Tell me what you think?

*grins* My character's name is Zuntira Ganache, so... yeah. I've heard of it. In fact...

Those are my second life entries. I haven't been in game for a good minute though, but the account is for life, so I'm always able to return.

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