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So Many Pies, So Few Fingers

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Oh really?
... after reading back, I have discovered a pattern to my Twitter updates.

Most of them are about food. *chuckles*

Well, okay, food is a fairly innocuous 'event' to tell others.

I mean, things like, "at work, leaving work, browsing site x, y, or z, fucking my husband (well, I once thought it would be cute to say I was about to...hehe), petting my cat (I wanted to post that once but was all like... 0.o um... double-entendre much?)..."
If you looked back at a record of that it could easily be used for nefarious purposes.

So, food.

But I have an idea for something else to add. Should be interesting. *laughs*

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Eating your sausage... alrighty then!

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