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Another thing I like to adhere to when coloring.

Don't hate on the lesser used colors.

Since we last spoke I...
played with my kittens.
played Lineage II.
drank ciroc and orange juice.

Used this most awesome soap on my face experimentally. It a olive oil / coconut oil soap with lavender, tea tree, and other skin-friendly stuffs. I'm washing my face with this soap exclusively and then using this goat milk cream for an after moisturizer. I'll see if I see any notable difference.

Oh, and I switch my tooth cleaning product. *laughs* It's saponified 'tooth chips' with tea tree and neem oil in them.

Both things I just mentioned came from this shop called Rose of Sharon Acres.

Just experimenting. Can't say there's a method to the madness.

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been meaning to get some of those tooth chips as well. Raven first tipped me off to them.

Awesome pic (I love how you have to *look* for the animals in these).

I've never heard of tooth chips before (*goes off to check out site*).

Heh. Psychedelic giraffe orgy.

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