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Guitar Hero?
I did some impulsive shit yesterday and bought an acoustic guitar.

I was incredibly giddy and overjoyed. Even liked my first night of practice (repeatedly holding a G chord).

But SOMEONE had to give me some shit about the guitar I bought. I felt I got an awesome deal on a used Garrison G20. $160 for a guitar that, in the book the seller showed me, sells new for $500 and the used sticker price said $250.

So, I got to work and looked up my guitar... I can't find a single place selling a used one for what I bought it for. So suck it, bish.

The guitar hero thing is mostly a joke. I want to learn to play fingerstyle (it's the style I like listening to the most). So that means lots of country / folk music in my future. w00t!

I could rock some folk music. *nods* Truly.

Bad memory edit:
It's a g10 not a g20, but I still win:
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Oooh! You are going to be writing songs soon, just wait!

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