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Guitar Bookmarks
A list of links I've found and written down. Figured I should like, put them somewhere.
I'll edit this list as I find new stuff. - ear training, music theory - music theory, lessons, advice - Metronome :P - great blog, tabs, lessons - chords, scales, progressions - licks, warm ups, scales, practicing tips, and solos - fingerstyle tutorials - lessons, videos - fingerstyle tutorial, music fundamentals, lessons - Articles, links, reviews - more lessons

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Repository of fan-submitted tabbings and chordings for music. Some are better than others, obviously, but they have a large database of songs. Each user (free account) can make a "songbook" of song links, including automatic transposition (either to adjust for a singer's range, or for use of a capo.)

so not only does this guy offer some pretty awesome exercises for finger strength, dexterity, and integration of different positions across the whole fretboard, but also includes some neat material on hermetic and Pythagorean aspects inherent to the Western system of music. i think you might like.

thank you, yeah, i'm already digging it.

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