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CNN + Logos (and Newser and OneNote)
#1 I don't watch television. Given. Usually, I'm getting my news from NPR. I'm news whoring today, so I found a CNN feed and have been listening to CNN radio.

What's going on here? First I heard the phrase, "Whole bunch a kinds a..." then I hear this other broadcaster using seriously colloquial vernacular while interviewing someone about a satellite.

Somewhere along the line I blink and major journalism became a headline based daytime talk show.

I'm confused.

#2 I completely forgot about this conversation.

McCain vs Prometric

Me and my work "lunch crew" saw a McCain bumper sticker and we all had a pause and said, "where have we seen this before?" I made mention that I'd look it up.

Well... here it is:


#3 ... oh... and
While I'm here: <-- Just discovered this site. Nice so far.

Fan Girl Alert: Microsoft Office OneNote <-- Where has this Application BEEN all my life?? It is born from the loin of awesome. I've been using it just over 24 hours and... just wow. I have been getting rid of random *.txt files, print outs, and scribbles of paper since I tried it. If you have an office suite, or msdn subscription, or the time - try it. (There's a trial version.)
If MS products are not your thing, check out alobar's recommendation of Clipmate. I'm in love with the technology. I think it's useful no matter who is selling it.

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Glancing at the web page for one note, it appears to do much of the same tasks as I do in Clipmate.
I have been using CM for about 10 years. It is my favorite helper program which gets loaded every day, no matter what I am doing. CM now works with a thumb drive, so one can take it to any computer and have it function there. I do not own a thumb drive, but now I want one just for the rare times I do work on another computer. One of the things I initially fell in love with is that it allows copy and paste of unlimited size data, not the puny 1024 characters of the Windows Clipboard.
CM has an amazing amount of help and a user forum for asking questions.
Chris, the CM guy, is remarkably responsive to user questions, and will actually make a new release when a few people report a problem.

Your other blog wouldn't let me post this in answer to "Bahama nightmares", so here you go, LOL:

LOL!! Classic. *laughing my ass off*

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