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Music I like to dance to
This past weekend I watched the series Skins thanks to
Awesome series.

In the course of looking stuff up I found one of the songs from an episode - Organ Donor by DJ Shadow. (You can hear it on his myspace or on youtube. A search should turn it up. I can't find / link it from work.)

I listened to it in my car on the way to work this morning. I did my little dance and it really got me going this morning.

It's so hard to find music like that. When I type in "Electronica" or "Dance" or "Anything you'd think is related" I get all kinds of music that is decent but not truly what I'm looking for.

Oddly enough, it's got nothing to do with the artist that makes the music. I don't like the sound of anything else I've heard by DJ Shadow.

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If you haven't heard me rant endlessly about him before, I absolutely love DJ Tiesto. I am very, very picky about my music (in my own particular way), only listening to "good Progressive Trance" for the most part. Tiesto is like pizza and sex: even when he's bad, he's still better than almost everything else out there. Particularly check out his "Live @ Trance Energy 2000" on the eve of the Y2K madness. This was the album that got me sold on him.

My $0.02

*pockets the change*

Awesome. I'm listening to samples right now.
I actually think I've danced to a couple of these tracks before.

He also does weekly hour long sets via podcast on iTunes. I'm listening to this week's recording, number 43. Also check out the Ibiza sets.

The man has an uncanny ability to play with my Energy in ways few other DJs can. I've been listening to him all day long in preparation for tonight's Dance Party.

Happy Listening!

(I forget that I listen to music differently than a lot of people)

I really recommend Tiesto's sets over his "songs". Like my previously worshipped Gods of Music Fatboy Slim & Trent Reznor, although they all produce excellent "songs", it's when they take music and start manipulating & remixing it that their true genius shows through, IMHO. I.e., when Tiesto is spinning records at a live show is when he truly shines. And besides, I can't listen to 3-7 minute techno songs. I wanna go up and down and all around in a smooth Progression.

And it was podcast #46. Now I'm getting offline to go Dance.


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