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The kind of horror movies I like
Answer: Asian Horror

That's all the prep you need for this montage, which I think was beautifully done.

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HEE...Chris and I as well! I have some recommendations for you. The first one is a 'Masters of Horror', one of those Showtime shorts, Imprint. It was done by the guy who did Audition, Takashi Miike. This one was supposedly so 'controversial' and what-not that they didn't even air it on Showtime. We however, thought it was fantastic. Once my eyes get a little better I can go thru our list of stuff we've seen, I might have some more for you. =)

*nods* I've seen Imprint. It was awesome.

OOhhh, I'm glad you saw and you liked. I will not bored you with details of other suggestions that you may have seen next time then, just a list. =)

Oh, and something for you:

A while ago all movies were open for anyone to see, but now you'll need to register on their forums for the links. Or just chill with the features on the front page.

More Asian horror than you can shake a stick at. I'm still watching things I've never seen before.

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