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Bad Writing
"There was no way to simply say, "I read a really bad description in this book last night." I had to scan it and share it for you to understand just how bad it truly, truly was. It is the sort of bad that causes pain and must be shared with other people so you can feel better."


Oh, and there's more... "bottles of wine, covered in dew and otters."

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I couldn't read it all the way through. I felt my psyche splitting with the sheer awfulness of it. Like looking into the shining trapezohedron, but worse.

I will never, ever feel badly about my sex scenes/descriptions again, LMAO!

I *knew* you would get a laugh out of this one for sure.


Someone did an "artistic rendering" of the description.

Someone on my friends list found something JUST AS BAD. Maybe.

She is a SFF reviewer and author, second generation SF writer, and even SHE was caught off guard. Thank you.

Mmmm... the knight is bad lit. "Unfortunate" choices of words, but no... nothing beats bottles of wine, covered in dew, and otters.

I can read Knight Moves and pretend it was written by a horny 14 year old trying to be raunchy, poetic, and delicate all at once.

I'd rather have triple orgasmic lady-softness than ... well jesus christ, a description to include an ibis, scarab, ... clay... seed... blood.

No. Knight moves is normal bad writing. Silk and Steel is OMG WTF GET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE!!!!! *grabs head and cries*

Triple orgasmic lady-softness? Really?

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