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Planned Ignorance (Cupid)
Okay, so I finally watched the premier of this TV series called Cupid. Cupid / Eros is in New York banished until he matches 200 couples.

The second episode already aired. If you haven't watched it by now, then get spoiled. It's not the plot, it's how it unfolds.

He gets locked in a mental hospital for saying, "I'm Cupid." During his evaluation, a psychiatrist asks him these 'test questions,' finally getting around to, "How did Psyche feel about your banishment?"
"Your wife."
"I don't have a wife."
"Yes you do. It says so right here. You fell in love with a human which displeased the gods."
"That never happened. I don't have a wife."

Toward the end of the episode this psychiatrist feels that Cupid is covering up some kind of heart break with his delusion, and that her job is to help him heal this unknown heart break.

End the episode with him inviting her out on a date. (With, oh, but Dr / Patient rules... blah blah)


How does a PSYCHIATRIST not even think for a second that psyche might not be the "name" but the profession? Someone else might miss it, but a psychiatrist?

I understand characters have to be at least a little mentally disabled to keep a plot interesting, but that's just too fucking much.

Cupid is missing Psyche. Cupid has lost his mind. She's trying to help him be 'sane.' *head desk*
Yeah, I'm going to watch the 2nd episode, but she could at least think of it, and go, "haha, that's not possible."
Something. For the thinking people.

Oh. And I might add. The psychiatrist doesn't believe there's a such thing as romantic love. -_-

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They tried this once before, at least 10 years ago. It starred Jeremy Piven as Cupid, which was AWESOME. It didn't last long, but I loved the hell out of that show. The best ep was where he matched a waitress with a thick Chicago accent with a university professor. She thought it wouldn't work because he's so articulate and she's got this thick working-class Chicago accent.

Turns out, he's from Southie, and he's had speech training to hide his accent. As he's about to lose her, he breaks down and reverts to his "natural" accent, which is as working-class Boston as hers is Chicago, and he says, "I...I think you're wicked awesome."

This isn't the same show, is it? Who's in it?

Edit: Oh I guess it's not the same as the earlier series took place in Chicago and this one's New York.

Edited at 2009-04-08 02:20 pm (UTC)

I never saw the original, but I just finished the second episode. Watching people fall in love for the first time... you can't really screw that up too much. *I* like it, *I'm* going to keep watching future episodes, so it's a win. (Though not for the network, since I don't have a television.)

No... wait. I am watching the original. They must be re-airing the original series.

But they are definitely in New York.


I'm confused. Are you? lol

I get it now. It's IMDB that's confusing me. They have screen shots from the 2009 one on the 2008 listing. 0.o

LOL yeah that threw me for a second, too!

I have seen him in other stuff...he's not as snarky as Piven, though (read the quotes on the older version's IMDb page: I hardly ever do those midnight sacrifices of small animals. I can't get the otter blood out of my coffee table! Only Jeremy Piven can say a line like that!)

One of the comments over there has a link to download eps of the first version. If it works I'll let you know.

If it doesn't, let me know, I can work my own sources as well. ^_^

"I understand characters have to be at least a little mentally disabled to keep a plot interesting, but that's just too fucking much."

When I read this, I completely thought of this line's applicability to the Drama that so many people continuously embroil themselves in, in their "real" lives.

That's what I call Bianca's law of "some people are really that stupid."
But a psychiatrist not knowing psyche? Yeah, a bunch probably wouldn't see the connection.

Sounds like Literalism, to me

But a psychiatrist not knowing psyche?

Just because someone has an advanced degree doesn't mean they think metaphorically or "other-than-literally."

Yeah you're right (about the unbelievable cluelessness), but it does sound like an interesting show!

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