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Land of the Lost
I've recently crawled from my hidey-hole of introversion and realized that the majority hates this movie.

Weird experience, finding out something you've watched 3 times over and LOVED is ... hated. Which is fine. I loathe plenty that people love. Punkin texted me that I *had* to see The Hangover in all caps. So... I did. I turned it off after 20 minutes. I didn't even crack a smile.
Other movies others loved and I couldn't sit through? ... that one where the girl ends up pregnant and it's supposed to be funny. Knocked Up, yeah, that piece of shite. Just no.

So, I get it. I really do, but damn it all - I. Love. Land of the Lost. Love it like I fell out of my chair laughing last night on my 3rd watch. I had a headache, and I was willingly making it worse because I couldn't stop laughing.

As I said to someone else, I find it so freaking hilarious because I'm imagining a group of writers each high on coke, meth, weed, and acid, sitting at a round table (or a moderately round arrangement) and throwing out ideas for a story. And every single idea makes it into this movie. It's the most retarded, hodge podge of ideas ever and it cracks me the fuck up.

Like, I can hear these writers going, "Okay, okay, okay guys, wait! What if, after that, we do this!" and everyone's like "fuck yeah!"

I lol'ed.

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We all have our instances of "this is so horrible, but we love it anyway" that other people just can't stand. (One of my personal favorites is "Ed, Edd and Eddy," which most people look at and say "How can you watch this mind-numbing drivel?" and I respond "It's brain candy.") It sounds like LotL is -- hold on, let me purge the sudden image of a LotL/LotR crossover out of my head before it takes root... ah, there we go -- an instance of "stupid brain candy" for you. Nothing wrong with that.

(Personally, I have found only two things that Will Ferrell has done that I enjoy, and one of them -- The Oblongs -- is voice work, so that only kind of counts. The other one is "Stranger than Fiction.")

My two best friends at the time couldn't recommend "Reign of Fire" highly enough, so I went to see it when it was showing for $1 at CMU. I stopped taking movie recommendations from them after that... :-)

It also depends on what you're able to laugh at. Marriage and children comedies only manage to piss me off because I hate both of them so much, and there's nothing funny about that ego-drama BS. So, those comedies are auto-outs for me.

I know very few people that honor and love silliness. Abject irreverence for reality and sense. *giggles*

"this is so horrible, but we love it anyway": Showgirls. All day long, except, I didn't know Showgirls was horrible until I grew up and heard it was one of the worse movies ever.


I never knew. *chuckles*

Good to see you back, B.

I also didn't care for "Knocked Up," although I generally like the crew (from "40 yr old Virgin") that put it out. You should check out "Observe & Report." Particularly if you find malls, consumerism, and the morass of humanity as inane as I do. I literally LMFAO for the full movie, pretty much nonstop. My cheeks hurt ;-)

I've been wanting to see both "The Hangover" and "Land of the Lost." Thanks for the heads up on which one I check out first ;-)

Okay, with the Hangover, there were moments that I really wanted to laugh at. It crossed over into silly land for a bit, but every time that dude got on the phone with his fiance I was fuming again. So, if you've got anger for the 'typical pre-wedding drama' - then pass. She sullies everything that wants to be good about that movie. At least in the beginning.

I loved 40 year old virgin. ^_^ I've been meaning to get around to Observe and Report, so that seals that one. hehe.

So, if you've got anger for the 'typical pre-wedding drama' - then pass.

I generally do, unless it reminds me of why I will never, ever get married.

"Institutions are for criminals and other clients I work with." ;-)

I loved 40 year old virgin. ^_^

That used to be my favorite one from that crew, although both "Observe & Report" & "Role Models" are close contenders. I think you might enjoy Role Models, also, if for no other reason than the Geeky LARPing jokes ;-)

I've been meaning to get around to Observe and Report, so that seals that one. hehe.


OMG! I *did* love Role Models. I watched that a couple times as well.

I've seen it 3 times in the past week ;-) Paul Rudd is quickly becoming one of my favorite comedic actor/writers.

"Congratulations! You're stupid in 3 languages."


we're still going to see it soon- the old series is odd, and I like that this new movie makes fun of the old episodes.
I enjoyed showgirls as well, hehheh...and Kyle McLaughlin was in it too who played agent cooper in twin peaks.

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