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Lisa Frank, LSD of elementary school
Once in a while, I remember why I joined ONTD.

This post: Michael posed for Lisa Frank, apparently

I thought to myself, Lisa Frank... I know that name... so familiar...

Then I read down to the comments (page 1-3 is where the most funny is)

Oh yes, I remember Lisa Frank. The LSD of elementary school. M E M O R I E S

and to top off my morning LOL:


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I love your post title! SO TRUE. I have young friends who are currently very into Lisa Frank. It sometimes makes me a little crazy. Flashbacks!

In tijuana, they paint burros with zebra stripes and American tourists pay money to get their pictures taken on them.

In the US, they paint ponys with rainbow stripes and sparkly gemstones, and American girls pay money to put them EVERYFUCKINGWHERE.

No idea where that came from.

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