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USA Inc.
Just wow. Really?

SCOTUS decided that as people, corporations should be able to spend what they want on federal campaigns.

Free spending of millions of dollars for or against a candidate does enough for the imagination. I think voting should be abolished. There should be candidates and an auctioneer. The candidates have a debate over a series of weeks then the position is open for bidding. Highest bidder in favor of the candidate wins.


No, I'm not actually concerned about that. It'll be what it is.

I'm more interested in the "corporations as people" declaration. How far does this extend? If you cause a corp to fail, is that murder? Can corporations be discriminated against? Which would that be? Sexist, racist, or classist?

When you cause a business (corp) injury, is that an assault charge? How do corporations go to jail? When it commits murder, can you execute one?

The mind. She boggles.

*pops some popcorn*

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It makes sense. Have you seen WALL-E? In that, the world's government is run by a corporation; the world's leader is the company's CEO.

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