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A Necro's Trust
I woke up this morning this about Nona. I went to bed thinking about her to.

I'm walking a delicate balance of writing a story in an epic vein with an RPG feel. Delicate, especially since I haven't read very many of these kinds of books - the few I did read, I hated, so maybe that's a plus for me.

Either way, I'm trying to think in terms of "gaining the trust of the village" (it's not a village, but you get the point).

I thought of plenty of ideas, but few that fell under, 'ways to grow as a necromancer' as well.

This morning, I did. At least I think I did. Yes, I did.

Now the rest of today will be spent thinking of ways to get the idea not to sound as cheesy on paper as it does in my head.

Hence why I'm not sharing.


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