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plot thoughts
Today I'm going to try and get at least a page written. I've done the typical 'hero epic' twist and gotten Nona into a jam.

I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out how to rescue her.

I'm still not sure how it's going to go down.

Nona is being held in a 'gilded cage.' Holly, the High Sorcerer of the city, both is attracted to Nona physically, and wants to go through this bonding ceremony. It would strip Nona of her abilities and channel them all to Holly. Sex and power motive, you could say. She also thinks she's saving Nona from a terrible life by doing this.

Anyway, so she's trapped in a room shielded by Holly's magic. She can't travel. She's disconnected from her familiar (he's like a wraith / shade). She has, on the outside, 2 revenants, a few collected souls, her shade, and Alzaire - the sorcerer whose soul she saved by placing him into another body (and trapping the original soul into an amulet).

The soul in the amulet ... is kinda useless, unless I think of a use.

She has her robe, which contains a few items she collected from a body.

I predict she has about 2 more days before Holly is ready to preform the ceremony. Typically, is a hero's arch, the hero is saved by allies. The literary device humbles the hero and endears him to his companions, shows him that he truly has people looking out for him.

Neat, but... Nona has had enough of that already. Garex saved her from a fatal fever. Alzaire saved her from drowning. Perhaps Jun saved her from loneliness. I was going to have Lynx, that druid she helped escape, save her.

But that's just too far fetched. Why would a druid who didn't trust her to begin with, enter the city she doesn't live in, and storm a High Sorcerer's home?

No. However, when Nona escapes, I will have Lynx there to help.

Nona's got to do this one alone... some... how...

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Have her escape mid-ritual. Perhaps, as Holly equalizes her essence with Nona's, the latter senses a moment of weakness and acts. She not only saves herself, but strips away some of Holly's power in the process.

Goodness, that would be *uber*.

Yeah, I was thinking it would have to happen while she was either in transport to the ceremony or during the ceremony.

Dude, stealing her power (she's already done it twice before actually) would be awesome.

*high five*

Haha! When I was describing the reason for my sudden joy, I described you as a person who knows more than a few ways to get someone out of a painted corner. ^_^

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