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Popular on the Internet vs. Celebrity
For the longest time I've wondered how weird trends on twitter were catching on like wildfire. Who was starting this one hash tag that everyone seemed to want to copy? Was it a website somewhere? Who were these powerful trendsetters?

In past times, (on the web) you could root out a trend as starting from a particular website, image board, or forum.

I spent a lot of "lazy" time wondering where these new trendsetters were coming from.

It's not from those Illuminati who are "popular on the internet." Nothing says popular like... being popular offline.

Celebrities on twitter arrive with a posse all set to jump and repeat their every utterance, to include that silly hashtags. Does it really matter who started it once a celebrity has used it?

I don't like them. They don't even "go here."

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Well, on Twitter, anyone can start a trending topic that catches on, as it's just a matter of whether people also hash mark your topic... But even unhashed topics can trend if enough people use that word/phrase in their tweets.

It's just that people who have the most followers are the ones most likely to get their tweets either retweeted or responded, and those people are often celebs, since they have followers in the tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands.

But my criticism of celebs on twitter has not changed. It only reinforces what is already there: you do not exist in a celeb world; they are there for you to view, not to interact.

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