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Seeking: Normal human male
dark star
This might be old news, but it's a new thought to me.

I thought I was doing myself a favor by using female protagonists. Yes, I was doing *myself* a favor, because I rarely used female protagonists in my earlier stories.

But I got tired of it and wanted to switch, which cause the following realization.

Almost all of the books I've been reading had female protagonists. The ones that did not have females leads have paranormal male leads.

I tried thinking of an urban fantasy / paranormal romance book that I'd read with a normal human male protagonist. (Because being half human didn't count.)

Okay, didn't have one. Maybe I just missed it...

I think one thread on amazon had someone pose the same question and had one person give a single book as an answer.

Then I tried thinking of a story that had that exact ingredient.

Talk about changing the whole tone of a story. I couldn't do it. It sounded disgusting and lame. So instead, I tried taking any story I'd written and just switching the genders.

Funny thing happened. It stopped being paranormal romance and urban fantasy and became science fiction / fantasy and horror. Because I then realized that I'd read those stories before under those genres.

This gender disparity disappears under "normal romance." I've read both male and female centered stories and have had no problem finding evidence of both (in different positions of power).

Kinda like the musical equivalent of gothic metal and heavy metal.

I'm going to figure out how to fix this.

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