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Character Reincarnation
I've taken to using a type of reincarnation with my short stories in my... story journal.

There's a lot of reincarnation.

I start to hash out a story, and if, in it, I mention a character type that is vaguely similar to a story I've written before - he will get the same name.

I filled my last journal with 5 stories about the same 4 names. They weren't the same people. Let me see if I can remember them... nope... Two girls Layla and Valerie, two guys Devon and Lucas.

Valerie's married to Devon. Layla meets their friend Lucas.
or then...
Lucas and Devon are best friends. They meet Valerie and Layla.
or then...
Devon and Layla meet Valerie and Lucas.

I like went through almost every iteration of their name sake getting to know them as a group. It was kinda weird. That had never happened before.

But it's happening again. I think I'm on the 4th story now when I picked up on it. And the male name is this story is going way back. Taradon, being the idea of a spirit trapped to a location, that later became the ground Bheymil was built on by Jewel.

I worked that story out in '09.

So, here I am, on the heels of revising my necromancer tale, and I start writing about a girl named Teresa, who finds this entity hiding out in a cave in the woods.

I named him Taradon. The name just worked.

I then started trying to work on another, different story (I thought), but after a couple days - I realized that almost all 3 story lines worked together - and they all involved Teresa and Taradon.

4th story... where the light bulb turns on.

I'm writing a story about a girl who stole a book. She was drawn to it, she wanted it, so she took it. Probably would have gotten in trouble for it if her mother hadn't snatched her up and kidnapped her that afternoon, running away from her father.

This fugitive life gave her plenty of time to consider the book her favorite toy. She couldn't read it, couldn't make sense of it, but she played plenty of games and made up plenty of words.

Well, her mother's found, jailed, and she has to go back with her father. All dreary background stuff. Point being: she grows up with the book in her possession and the original owner can't find her.

In her youth, she drew things from the book, making up her very own design. When she's an adult, she decides to get this design of hers as a tattoo.

After an evening of great and terrible pain, (not the process of getting the tattoo, after that), she wakes up to see the design has changed. And she notices the changes look more like editorial corrections on her original design.

So, after hashing all that out, I went to write her name, and 'Teresa' flowed right from my pen.

... and I know who's in that book.

So it's happened again.

And that's what character reincarnation means.

For all I know, this process is an actual process that other people do all the time. *shrug*

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Ha! I do a variation of this. About ten years ago I wrote like three vampire novels and then trashed them all. Now I'm writing vampire novels again and everthing has changed except that I have a manor house named Edgewood (the same as I did in the first one) and I had a character named Neal (who looked like Johnny Depp) and I reincarnated him as Neal (who looks like Orlando Bloom - Johnny Depp now appears as a character named Gareth). I had a female named Clemency who turned French for this reincarnation is now Clemence. The more things change, the more they stay the same!

When I watch movies I tend to see a movie actor's roles in different movies are different incarnations of the same soul.

Yeah, a bit like that. They look the same and seem familiar, but are in a different 'role'.

Same soul. Very apt.

Such thoughts of re-incarnation created other questions for me. Did Anthony Hopkins' role as a butler in Remains of the Day help to create the character of Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs?

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