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The Great Deceiver by Evergrey
Officially on repeat until I get sick of it.

Evergrey, on the whole, is an awesome band. Awesome if 1) you like power metal 2) you like concept albums 3) those concepts are "Fear, Darkness, Paranoia, Confusion, Religion" [apt summary via]

"Recreation Day is an album that covers many issues, ranging from death and mourning to general fear and sorrow, all of which contribute to a greater concept of re-creation of oneself." - Very well said by wikipedia. Yes, it's the album this song is from.

I don't think I have every album by them, but the only album I don't have by them in entirety is Inner Circle (concept: religion, abuse). It has clips from sermons and the 'main character' begging for god and... *shakes head* Still, good if you can relate. I kept the ones I could stand. In Search of Truth was my gateway - it's about alien abduction / paranoia and is very creepy. Love it.

The Great Deceiver is not my absolute favorite by Evergrey, but it is today, mostly because of the superb guitar rift in the middle / end of the song + the deep male chanting. It's on youtube. I'd link, but alas, can't access that here.

Come walk this way and I'll have you, I'll show you
Yearning, dreaming, your humble servant.
Your trust so precious. I'm the user, the abuser,
Haunting, serving the great deceiver.

I actually didn't know the lyrics till this morning. I was suddenly curious what they were even saying outside the chorus.

But it's on repeat for that lovely fucking [thing you do when you play chords while muting the strings] on the electric guitar. ... I used to know that. Oh well.


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