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Light Gardening
If you had me listed as a friend and have been actively posting content, then I've added you back.

If I had you listed as a friend and you haven't posted anything since 2008, then I removed you.

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I need to do this too. With the advent of FB, it seems like not many people actually blog anymore. I am more surprised than anything when I discover people have actually posted something here these days. Which sucks because I always enjoy reading about other people's lives.

Yeah, I enjoy it too, but not just with FB - I think more people are afraid to talk about their lives. Now that nearly everyone and their employer is on the internet it's become a secrecy game, and FB plays to that. So I understand, but I don't like it.

But ... but I was just about to post something ...


Thanks for the notification. :) Unfortunately, I can't say that I really post to lj very often ... sometimes makes me wonder why I actually keep this besides reading up on how people have been doing.

Don't get rid of me!!!

lol y'all are trippin'

I could never let you go. ^_^

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