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Spiritual Guardians
I have a desire to gather my thoughts and post my experience with spiritual guardians. I have a long history with them at this point, but it's quickly followed by thoughts of 'who cares' / 'doesn't matter'.

So, anyway, you can have the non-formal version:

I have a few guardians, keeping pretty much the same form. They show up when needed, they fade into the background when not.

The hounds show up when I'm alone. Any anxieties I may have never surface.

Since this doesn't happen anymore, this guardian hasn't shown up, but those days or nights when I'm walking alone or traveling by foot anywhere - there's a towering draconic female with me. She's like a 7 foot raptor with wings. We'd talk and she'd walk beside me, and of course, I'd have the air of a little girl walking with a very big stick. Haven't seen her in years, but I remember her.

Then there's the... I'm not telling you what it is, or what it looks like, but when it shows up its nature is always to be wrathful and violent. It makes promises to rain down all kinds of fire, and my reaction to it is always benevolent and merciful, telling it to go away, that such actions aren't necessary. I've only ever accepted that vengeance once, and it was effective enough for me to realize it is not kidding, and its help has never been necessary.

The 'little' ones are kinda like the imps from that movie The Gate (to Hell). They may be for entertainment purposes only, but they persist all the same.

Did I create them? The hounds I remember doing very specifically. I know exactly the size and number needed for my complete sense of "home security." The others didn't require much tweaking.

As for what they actually protect against? They are spiritual guardians, not physical. They protect the mind, of course.

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Interesting- I can say that I have similar Guardians. One is a tall, darkly cloaked being who is extremely protective of me. He's kicked a couple of people he did not like out of my house. Scared one guy half to death. I expect that if I called on hir (not sure if this being has a gender, but I get 'male' most of the time), he'd be lethal to any attacker. Several psychics and mediums have seen him with me- years and continents apart.

The other one seems to be an ancient spiritual teacher- one of a pair I have known for decades. They are often seen by sensitive mediums, too.

I appreciate and enjoy their company. I feel safe with them.

Awesome. You are a natural palera, you know that? lol :D

^_^ I must be, because I certainly can't explain why I do things this way to begin with. *hugs*

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