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Do Different Shit
I heard this phrase "do different shit" somewhere. May have been a song, movie... who knows. It just stuck in my brain and I like saying it.

I also like saying, "Doing stuff with things / Doing things with stuff." Not relevant to the current conversation.

I'm doing something different. I'm partially getting rid of my 'public' journal. I might as well just use LJ. I even changed my theme to look like I haven't been using this site for 6 years.

I don't want to get rid of my squarespace hosting though. It does one thing beautifully for which there is no replacement - public photo albums. I don't want my pictures tagged and put in a cloud like Flickr (also, I can't use Flickr at work, so...). I really like the photo album there and I want to keep it.

Mostly. Just bored and want to wreck stuff.

Plus, my introversion wants to get the best of me, and I won't let her.

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Lol - I've been saying "Things... With stuff in them" for years! I think it started one day when I was in a Mood and somebody asked me what I wanted for dinner. From there it kind of progressed to become a more generic, encompassing statement. Yay, vocabulary sister!

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