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Let's see if I can get something posted *before* going to work.

Current activities: reading & writing.

Both of my books came in, but I haven't started either one of them yet. That's more for the weekend, and I suddenly found books to read on my phone, which is easier, so they're first.

I was writing something 'newish' for a second, then I realized that I had a rewrite to get back to.

I've started watching the TV show Breaking Bad. I've just started the second season. It's actually pretty awesome, a lot of tense moments.

I fell in love with a car. Don't tell Thunder, but since there's no Saturn dealership in Pensacola anymore, and I don't trust the GM dealership, and all my friends have foreign cars with lovable foreign car mechanics... I've been persuaded to look at other cars in a new light.

So when I see a car I could see myself driving, I note the make and model. I've been at this for a few weeks. Camaros and Firebirds aside (when they had the same 'slice the air' body type)...
An example: No matter what make or model, if the body type looks like this, you have my undivided attention.

The Mercedes E-class has my unrealistic attention. You know, if I *had* to replace Thunder.

Dream big or go home and all that. :P

Wow, did I really just end up discussing cars? Awesome.


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