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Writer's Block: Cheating with a side of bacon
Have you ever changed your eating habits for a new relationship (e.g., switched to vegetarianism, eaten more meat, etc.)? If yes, did you stick with it when you were eating out with other friends? Which lasted longer, the food regimen or the relationship?

How about fuck no?

My husband does not eat vegetables, fruit, or sushi.
He'll eat jalepenos. That's about it.

I love all food really. No joke. But I honestly enjoy eating vegetables and fruits... and sushi.

I wouldn't dare try to make him eat something he doesn't want to. He also wouldn't dare.

The relationship is going just fine. The groceries are separate. Meals are separate. I shop for my self. He shops for himself. When I cook, some times I'm gracious and make something he will eat, but that didn't last. It's too much stress cooking for someone who doesn't eat... almost everything.
He has something against onions!

Even if it were a medical thing or an allergy. That's got no bearing on me. I'd rather store all my food in a separate area and cook out of separate pans before I change my eating habits.

No way.

Don't ask me how he's still living and breathing. I don't know. Not my concern. Clearly, it's possible, if incredibly fucked up and insane.

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Man harsh im not totaly crazy i married u!Oh wait
maybe i am insane

You weren't logged in when you made this comment, Jester. :P

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