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So, might as well comment on some current events.

Cat 4 Oil slick in the gulf (my rough estimation). Current prediction is that it will make landfall in LA by the end of today and Pensacola beach by Saturday.

In preparation for this disaster, white shrimp season has been opened early. Gotta love humans: lets rape our resources before they go to waste! XD

There isn't much in the way of news, you know, as compared to an actual Cat 4. I think as of this morning, people are beginning to realize it's serious business. I think it will have to make actual landfall before it gets the attention it deserves.

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The Peoria, IL Red Lobster will have to discontinue all Gulf Shrimp items on their menu before people REALLY notice.

I've been following it, and the Gulf Shrimp (frozen) are a regular part of our seafood case. I was already planning on talking with Fishbuyer Steve today, see if our suppliers have any crazy stories to tell about wholesalers going nuts.

If they aren't now, they will be by Monday.

It puts a current face on "Drill, baby, drill!" More like "Leak, baby, leak!"


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