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Thank you, Carl Jung
Pink orb
Really, he's my hero today.

So, I was watching Law & Order (CI) this morning (on my Q1) and it referenced Jung's red book, which I think had to look up.

From all that I took with me this phrase: Active imagination - a meditative technique where you translate subconscious content into images, narrative, or personify as separate entities, exerting little influence on mental images as they unfold.

I actually know quite a fucking lot about that, and I'm very happy Jung was the kind of person to practice what he preached (a la said Red Book).

I've been struggling with something to write over the past few days and this bit of 'relearning' helped me to realize that I was thinking too hard about a plot or subject. I don't write like that (except for NaNoWriMo where I try to be srs biz).

So, I had a little session - only what immediately came to mind, imposing no outside will on the act.

It was like that final successful pull on a motor.
I've written 15 "journal sized" pages so far.

*takes a bow*


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