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I opened my bottom drawer to get out some journals of mine. It's where I store the old ones. So, I did that, left the room, came back, and I saw the drawer kinda 'settle'.

I went to reading through the journals, picked the one I was looking for, then went to close the drawer. It didn't close all the way.

I tried again. Still didn't close.

Now I'm like... did something fall out back there? So I pull the drawer out a little more, stick my hand back there...

And CJ shoots from out the dresser and down the hallway. So I'm all heart broken like, "Oh my god, CJ, are you okay? Come here darling."

I picked him up, petted him, tried talking to him, watching him to see if I hurt him. Then he jumps away from me, ducks, hides, then runs off (expecting me to give chase).

Well, I'm certainly glad *he* thought it was a game.


Never had that happen. Until now, I've been stellar about keeping drawers closed.

He's currently at the drawer, pawing at it, trying to get it back open.

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Oh yeah, been there, done that...Jake gets into my T-shirt and jeans drawers. Luckily they don't seem to hold a grudge!

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