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iPhone 4
You're about to hear about my phone. *yay*

As planned, I received my phone in drama free fashion. The box was sitting on my desk when I arrived home, thanks to FedEx.

I also joyously learned that Best Buy wanted my 3G back - for a 100$ store credit. Yipee! (You have to have the receipt for the 3G purchase.)

I'm all sad that InCase doesn't have any cases ready made, so I'm going to have to go generic (read: Other than InCase) for a while. I can't use a phone without a case, haven't since my first phone in 1998, so as for the signal fuckery other people have been talking about? Not a problem for me. I've owned my 3G for 2 years and it's as shiny and flawless as the day I bought it. That's how cases rule. People touching their phone without a case freak me out. I change out my cases every 6 months and wipe my phone down. Hello, you're touching it with your hands constantly! *shudder* Nasty. So yeah, no, my reception (all else being equal) is just fine.

The screen itself is flawless... too flawless. I can see how pixelated and shitty the graphics are on all my older apps. Massive graphic update needed in the world. It's crazy how easy it is to tell when something is poorly done now. But hi-def graphics? FLAWLESS.

Also, after upgrading, everything is near instant.

This is from a person actually owning and using an iPhone 4. So there.

Edit: I was just reading comments on incase's website, and I'm not alone in my "How could you let my phone go naked!" comments regarding not having a case made. Funniest being: "My new iphone4 is naked. So am I. I’ll be dressed tomorrow, and so will my iphone 4. Will it be wearing an incase? Doesn’t look like it."
Damn skippy. I love me some incase, but I love a clothed phone more. I'll check back in 6 months when I'm ready for a new style.

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I don't have the iPhone yet...but I have already ordered a green bumper and custom skins (with the Abys on the back) for it.

Yay new phone! There is a big graphics difference. I downloaded the new program for my 3gs and wow ... big difference from the 3gs to the 4g (although the program upgrade is wonderful I like how crisp the 4g looks). I love cases, too. I've always had a phone with a case. I've always had pink cases. This time I have pink ... but I also couldn't resist a Hello Kitty case ;p

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