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World of Warcraft?
Say it ain't so.

It ain't.

Joe says to me a few days ago [paraphrasing]: I need you to help me quit PWI. I miss playing with you. You need to find an MMO to play. Why don't you try WoW?

And I'm like, *cringe*. Yes, I do have something against WoW, and not because it's an MMO. It's because I'm (was) in the Everquest camp. EQ2 came out a couple weeks before WoW and the line was drawn in my mind.

I quit EQ2, and I did it for good. No turning around on that one (could, but won't).

It's not like I haven't been looking for a game to play. I haven't found anything I liked. Diablo III is where my heart lies, but I could be waiting for that another two years, easy.

He wants to play a game with me. I'm touched, really, but touched enough to play WoW?


*frowny face*

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You will be assimilated. :)

It feels very much like that's going to be the outcome. *laughs*

You should both abandon WoW and come join me in City of Villains. ;)

I won't touch WoW, but I think it's inevitable that I'm going to play Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is a MMO.

Yeah, Joe told me about that. He's already signed up for the beta. As for me, I'm not sure. I'll see how much he likes it.

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