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Writer's Block: More than words
Which song lyrics send shivers down your spine and really hit you emotionally?

An answer, with a little rebellion.

The rebellion: Ursa Minor (Electron) by Celldweller. This song doesn't have lyrics, but when I hear the song, I break out in goosebumps or start crying. It depends on which 'day dream' I'm playing in my head to match the music.

Maybe I'll describe one of them later.

The Answer: Heroin, She Said by Wolfsheim
Honestly, because it's the only song I can remember bursting into tears to, purely because of the lyrics.
Okay, wait, Perfect by Alanis Morissette did that to me once. Anyway, Heroin is more recent.

I had been listening to the song over and over, but while waiting in an ice / water line post Hurricane Ivan, it was playing and I suddenly heard the lyrics with perfect clarity. The outburst of tears have been bolded.

Walking down the streets at night, I see her stumbling through the rain. A skinny figure in the dark, her face a shade of grey.

Begging here and barking there, she's swearing all the time. Her fingers fumbling with her hair, a dirty mess of grime.

And she starts to cry, and she's asking why her life's always the same. But she does not see, that unfortunately, there's no one here to blame.

"Heroin," she said, "was the best I had... no more mountains left to climb. The world so slow... all my dreams just too high to be fulfilled in time..."

She grabs my arm... and I feel alarmed her fingers gripping tight. I see her pleading eyes... so i start to disguise and say that, everything's all right...

And the reason why I pretended and lied is that I don't want to kill, the poor dream that's left in the deepest cleft of the thing that she calls will.

Also, it was my imagination kicking in linking the act of "getting high" to "reaching dreams" and the futility and questioning if her dreams were so high that she could never get high enough to reach them.

So, I had a mini-breakdown in sadness for Ms. Heroin.

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"ex-factor" by Lauren hill tears me up, every time I hear it I start to cry. It's her lyrics and how she sings it. God.

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