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Ursa Minor
Ursa Minor (Electron Mix) - Celldweller

I once created a concept of a video to this song, but that's not my skill set, so I just began creating day dreams to the song. The story always changes in some way, but I'm going to ease up on the spazz and pick just one narrative to tell. (Just know that I'm always switching it up.)

Character, female. Style is kind of an empowerment montage.

I can't ease up the spazz, not that kind of day, so we'll just have to go with general, and I hope your imagination is enough to fill in the imagery.

0:00 - 0:13: Girl starts out by retrieving an object, picking it up, setting off small arcs of blue violet energy.

0:15 - 0:48: And then she's in the woods trying to use it, swiping it through the air, throwing it, holding it up in the sky, sticking it in the ground. All these false starts to figure out how said object is suppose to actually work, while reflecting on why it's so important she get it to working (revenge purposes). She works herself into a flushed-faced pout of crying frustration.

0:50: In that small moment of silence she realizes that she doesn't have any more time to practice, the object of her fury has arrived and she's going to fight, with or without a working weapon.

0:51 - 1:04 So she rushes in to the fight only to be resolutely out numbered, over powered, beaten, bloodied, kicked, and ridiculed. Each act of violence against her in this fight mounts in intensity, and its each one blow or fall, causing her vision to blur and stars to dance in her eyes.

1:05 In this moment of silence she's on the her knees, she looks through the strands of her bloodied hair at the object in her hand, glowing and pulsing like a brilliant nebulous violent storm.

1:06 - 1:19 And twirls on them moving like a blur through them, creating a flood of blood and flesh, forging a path between her and the one face she seeks.

1:20 Starts like this mind blowing image of her going super saiyan (yeah, like that) with power just radiating from her clearing all opposition in her way to reach him. He of course tries to escape, thinking he's made it (looking over his shoulder to be sure) only to turn around...

1:40 End up face to face with her.

She smiles.

Just writing that down has made my face burning hot. So, yeah, it's like that.

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That is beautiful - I love your breakdown of the images/video you see. I do something very similar in my head for songs I love - I thought I was the only one lol (I'm glad I am not :)

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