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Hero Antihero Villain
I read The Amulet again last night. I'd rewritten it, and wow did I ever improve it, and then I got to the place where I stopped, and I still don't know how to continue, but I know that I really need to. I love that story, it's... pretty damn good. (And not erotica!)

I've been thinking through some of the same questions this morning. Just what is Nona? She's definitely not a hero. That's out. Antihero? She's not that... willful. Villain? To everyone else, certainly.

It's not important unless you're the type to wax poetic about literary devices, and well, I am.

So, a girl, a frightened, scared, and nightmare plagued girl. She sees and hears what others don't and these things scare her, but she doesn't tell a soul.

She discovers through a series of events that 1) She is a necromancer 2) Necromancers have been systematically killed 3) When killing them amounted to infanticide, they (sorcerers) decided to make slaves out of them instead. Most 'channelers' (rebranding) die before the age of 18 from madness, in an environment created by sorcerers to ferret them out.

Nona slipped through the system (she's the ripe old age of 26). So, by rules of current society: she should be killed or enslaved because anything less would be to allow an abomination of nature to exist. As High Sorcerer Holly put it, "your connection to the shadow world corrupts your soul and degrades your mind without the protection a sorcerer can offer." (Protection: sorta like a binding spell, making them little more than a sorcerer's familiar.)

Self-preservation dictates that any sane person would be like: Fuck that noise.

So, she runs, she hides, and with the help of a 'dark mentor' she learns her lost art. Now, seeing as how survival is priority #1: she winces, balks, and even pukes regarding some of the things she has to do, but she does them, and with increasing proficiency.

Her 'goal' is to stop the enslavement of her kind, to end the peace, well being, and order sorcerers have brought to society by killing and enslaving her kind in the first place.

The sorcerers are in the right. In fact, they've been down right 'benevolent' allowing those children to live.

Well, their benevolence is just going to bite them in the ass because Nona will usher in a new era of horror, death, undeath, and that whole 'abomination.'

What the fuck else is she going to do? Commit suicide? No. And their continued pursuit of her only makes her meaner, more vicious, and more set to the future goal of flipping the tables completely over.

It's a right to life thing. She was born. She exists, and therefore she will fight to live, and the tools at her disposal are horrifying.

'Cause I'm just a girl, little 'ol me
Don't let me out of your sight
I'm just a girl, all pretty and petite
So don't let me have any rights

- No Doubt

She's all of the above, at different points.

Just wish I could figure out the rest of the events after she finally decides to "kill them all." (a la Spartacus)

The bits leading up to that are downright riveting though. *le sigh*

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The story sounds really good, o hope you continue it ( I could so see the plotlkne being a series with other characters affected by the sorceress purging).

Yes, I can continue it now. I've been working "srs bizness" hard on it. I believe it can be a dark, gritty, epic, heroine fantasy. And if Nona never has sex (pfft, my will is *strong* on this one) it will still be one of the best things I've done in ten years. (I still hold Twisted pretty high, though it's cheesy YA Romance.)

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