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Appetite for Power
dark star
I'm not an ambitious person. I'm terribly happy with the conditions I've already met in my life. It's a bit hard to think of drama in this manner. I try to think of a 'greedy' or 'power hungry' character and I'm all like 0.o...

In fact, I need to know exactly how it feels to desire power and control.

I was going to ask other people, ambitious people, hungry, wanting people, but I stopped just short of that. I was suddenly able to figure it out on my own.

Here's my path to understanding:

Why don't I have any ambitions for power? Well, I'm satisfied. I don't see anything wrong with things the way they are. What everyone else is doing seems to be just fine.

What if you saw something wrong? Well, then I guess I could help.

What about BP? What if you saw that going wrong? Well, I can see someone wanting to be in a position to make that right.

What if the only thing between you making something go your way (hence, right) versus another person's destructive, terribly wrong, and ass backwards way was a few dirty deeds?
Oh... I get it now. And after those few dirty deeds you become "pot committed" and just have to see the plan through, because you've already put so much into it. Ha!

Path A: Concern for Others
1. I need some kind of example that just irritates someone on a pet peeve level of things going terribly wrong.
2. I need the person to be just outside the area of influence to be able to change that thing (better or worse).
3. Present a path to that position of power and put some mountains and fjords in the way.

Path B: Concern for Self
1. Inferiority complex.
2 & 3 follow in the same manner.

Ambition 101.

Yay. I did it.


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