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The time between
The advantage of writing a story for myself is that I can "gloss" over stuff I'm not interested in. In books, I usually implement this by defocussing my eyes and browsing over the words until the bull shit is over.

I don't want to keep the gloss. I could do good stuff with the things I don't go into detail on. In fact, I had someone at work read the 2rd draft and she wanted more detail, not less. So, okay...

There's this one 'glossy' part where Nona 1) discovers this person is being held in the next city over 2) ends up with her.

Between step 1 and 2: bullshit. It's that way because I'm not particularly interested in what happens between those two points.

But things *could* be interesting. I could make something interesting go down, but right now, it's like... Well, I'm typing this instead of that because the whole concept bores me to tears.

I need make up something cool and interesting and RIVETING *yawn* that happens between being in one place and going to the next that totally doesn't seem like I'm just adding in words to avoid my penchant for, "a few days later..."

Cuz I'm super good at that, and I *like* it, but... eh... I kinda want to share this draft when I'm finished, and I'd be embarrassed to keep those habits of mine in there. I'd rather slow down and add something. Useful. Interesting. Not filler bullshit.

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I do a lot of the same when I read. Sometimes I love a story but there is too much description and I just skim until I get to the parts I love the most. :)

I gave it a day and finally worked it out, put in a little character development in there, added a illustrative scene, and then sailed on. ^_^

I must say, I *highly* enjoy how she's a necromancer with "minions" but 1) they think they have free will 2) they rationalize their desire to work in her best interest 3) she didn't do any of this intentionally.

To paraphrase a part I wrote:
Guy 1: "Will you free me if I do this for you?"
Guy 2: "What do you mean? What hold does she have over you?"
Guy 1: "The same she has over you."
*Argument insues*
Nona: "I'm tired and hungry."
Guy 2: "I'll get you something to eat."
Guy 1: "I'll stay here and keep guard."
Guy 2: "This is my house. I'll keep guard."

... argument continues about how much they are only helping her whilst tripping over themselves to follow her orders.

For that one moment I let it be comical and overt, because until then, it was my private secret. All I'd ever shown till then was purely rational reasons to help her.

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