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Forgot to set my alarm last night (because I went to bed at 6pm), so, no hour of doing nothing this morning. I was all business when I finally got out of bed. You see, I had been lying on my back contemplating a dream when I thought, "um... you should check out the time."

5:07am -_-

Thirty minutes later I was out the door and *still* too early for work to catch the 6am breakfast spots. Oh, such hardship. :P

Today was all paperwork. I have to get these badges of mine changed.

I've been wondering... erm... Eh, I'm not going to jinx it. Too good to be true, too good to be disappointed about if it doesn't go the way I'm thinking it might. If it *does* happen, I *will* say something. Vague enough for you? Flashcard algorithm for learning stuff. <-- Loving this site just as much now as when I first discovered it. I'm playing around with the vocabulary on my iPhone, but you can use all of them with an account on the site. (My favorite on the site is the gourmet flashcards.) Words, wonderful words. It's word of the hour with me, not just word of the day.

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Best of luck with... the thing. :-P

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