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I use them as a dual-gender singular noun. It's not my fault the English language doesn't provide, and I don't like using hir.

Love is caring for someone. That's my definition of love.

So then someone says, "Well, in that case, you can love almost anyone."

Yes. Exactly. If I care about you, I love you.

Here's what love does not mean to me: sex, commitment, or self-deprecation.
I don't have to care about someone to sleep with them.
Caring about you has no bearing on any promises I decide to keep or break.
Above all others, I care about myself most. So my love for myself will out weight my feelings for anyone else.

Oh, love is also not obsession. It is not infatuation.

Love doesn't require you actually be with said person. Love doesn't require anything at all. Love is. Love is not a reason, it's simply a state of feeling.

If you love someone, you just do. It doesn't dictate that you sleep with them, marry them, fall victim to them. You do those things because you want to be with the person you love.

Yes, these are all logical things. As for that gripping, head spinning, intoxicating, overdose sensation strongly associated with lust and all consuming thoughts? That's limerence, it's a type of love, a type of love I LOVE, but it's not a lasting love, or even healthy.

But like cake, everyone should have at least a slice, even if it's going to make you feel sick after.

Love is not possession, not ownership. It's a feeling of caring and warmth and devotion.

The rest is decoration.

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I *love* your definition. This is perfect.


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