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Poll #1613706 In regards to commentary...

I would rather you [Bianca]...

sound stupid [trite, boring, bland]
say nothing
dig deep and say something useful

The above poll was founded by a twitter comment chastising people who read an e-mail, have a reaction to it, but then don't hit the "reply" to communicate said reaction.

To which Psyche echoed, that this applied to blogs as well.

I *usually* try to dig deep and be useful, failing that, I say nothing, knowing I really, really need to say *something* I feel like I'm just sounding like that person on the other end of a phone conversation going "uh huh."

I hate doing that, but often, it's important I let you know "I'm listening" without going 'uh huh.' *chuckles*

Now with that portion of my post out the way...

My plotting idea waited all of a few hours before I began writing. I have this journal I bought in New Paltz, NY - leather bound with a tree worked into the cover. LOVELY journal, nice pulpy paper.

I wanted to put a story in that book. I had the same idea I sometimes have with the journal Alice made for me. It's no fancy-pants leather bound deal, but the page binding is quality. Covers should come 2nd to page binding.

Anyway, the story idea is to do it in journal form. In essence, create a person this journal belongs to and enter the entries. What. A. Life. I've hashed out where she is currently in life and where I want her to end up.

Said character is a sorcerer (stick with what you know is truly the crutch of ages), she works as a consultant / reader for a crime family (I know how to leave my comfort zone), with a nice list of kinks I would never can't ever personally pursue (blood, pain, multiples). As of current, she's just a girl worried about doing a bad reading and getting shot while living bill payment to bill payment in her tiny apartment.


As for my own answer. I like comments most when you key off something I've said and start rambling off something personal to you, that you've done / experienced / learned that is tangentially related. It amuses me greatly, and I learn something about you that I wouldn't otherwise... and I'm really prone to doing that myself, save for my voice that says to me: No one gives a shit.

Well, I do. I care about the tangentially related bits.

But... lacking that, it's okay to sound 'trite.' There are people on my flist I never hear from at all.

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I like to hear something. I know not everyone has something deep to say all the time, but I don't mind an "uh huh" at all.

Ditto. Even a quick "Superkeen!" is appreciated over utter silence.

Not every post requires deep thought, or even a response at all, but if something moves you, push back with a response.

I am one of those folks! Sorry, guilty as charged. But I am here, and I'm excited that you're still around on LJ.

A tangential: I applied to and should have gone to school at SUNY New Paltz. Why did you visit? I hadn't ever visited New Paltz, but I should have. I had a choice between Brockport & NP and I knew little about either so I went with Brockport, which I hated and had a freakout and left in 3 days, ending up at community college. That was my life about this very week 10 years ago.

I can be that way myself. No apology necessary.

I was in Saugerties visiting shadowfae and she took me to visit many of the neighboring cities. We walked in and out of a few of her favorite stores.

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As usual, the multiple choice question above does not have any answer I like.

I prefer you to be yourself. If I am not interested in what you have to say, I always have the option of using the page down key.

Express yorself as yoo naturally feel compelled to do. This blog belongs to yoo, not to yor readers.

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