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Project Wildflower
I went out and took measurements.

Front Yard: 70x40 / 2800 sq ft

Back Yard: 70x60 / 4200 sq ft

That's an over whelming amount of land to conquer in one month. I can't do the whole thing 'by October.' (Grrr, I hate late ideas.)

So, here's what I'm going to do. I'll create a map of how I want the whole thing to look when I'm finished. I'll section it off into workable plots and continue until I've done the whole front and back yard.

See? The trick is, you can plant wildflowers at *any* time in the SE. But they'll bloom earliest if it's in the ground in the fall. (Latest being November, but I like early deadlines)

So, to avoid epic failure: I'll work the front yard first, a section at a time, planting each part in sections. They'll flower in a weird cascading pattern... but so fucking what. Eccentric girl, eccentric yard.

Plus, that eases the pain of needing to buy 4 lbs of seed at once.

As for potential questions "is Joe helping." Well, he might, but I can't plan for help. I have to plan to work alone first, then be surprised at what happens after that.

My idea; my labor.

Lots of fucking labor. -_-

Okay, I've got to sketch up my path idea and start sectioning off workable bits. I'm not even going to buy the first seed until I have 1000 sq ft cleared. Proof of dedication required and all.

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I have, but every source I says recommends avoiding them like the plague - they did too deeply and will wake more weeds than they destroy.

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