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Front Yard Seeding
I'm mostly posting this in case someone who knows better than me can catch a mistake before I make it.

I spent most of last night watching instructional videos on the proper selection, handling, and care of a shovel. I was like, "oooh, really??" the whole time. I would have most certainly been doing it wrong.

Anyway, Front yard, 2800 sq ft. I'll need 2 lbs of seed. (The goal is wall-to-wall flowers.)
I'm buying my seed from since they were kind enough to have so much info on how to plant said seed.
1/4lb Shade mix for the west side near the 'tree line.'
1/2lb SE Fall mix (all the common flowers)
1lb Red Cosmos (because red rules)
1/4 Red Clover (again, red being the ruler)

Back yard (3lbs) is tentatively
1/4 Shade
1/4 wild lupine (purple, tall) against the back gate
1lb bee mix (expensive, but I would like to see a bee again)
1lb SE fall mix
1/4 red poppy (featured in my new icon)
1/4 blue flax

I'm only buying stuff for the front yard after I've cleared at least half of it.

However, I do actually have to buy stuff. >_<

1) Gloves. I don't have any of those.
2) Hat? I don't know. Mom never used that silliness.
3) Shovel. No really. The one I (Joe) has is super old, super rusty, super thin air between the grain handle. I'm getting a round point one that fits my height / reach. And a hand file, to sharpen said shovel.
4) Cultivator & Level head rake.

I kept reading stuff that said to remove the sod (except for Bermuda grass, they all cry), but, erm... why can't I just bury it? So I looked for support for that argument. A few people said they did that (not for Bermuda grass). I'm supposed to dig 6" down. You have to remove sod with 3"... so, why not just put the stuff face down and cover with the 3" of other soil? *shrugs*

I'll have a few weeks to watch new weeds come to the surface and I can just rake those out or something. :/

I'm not worrying. I'm spazzing. There's a difference, in that, I'm not stressed. It's more an indicator of spazz-excitement.

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Considering what you're doing, I'd say just cut out the turf, turn it upside down. Once you get the first section done, if you want to compare results continue inverting the turf (it's a great way to warm up the body anyway), give it a good watering, then cover it with clear plastic sheeting for the season. That's called "solarization" and cooks any undesireable seeds and weeds, leaving a good bed of organic material mixed with the topsoil.

Do some reading about soil chemistry for fun. Stop in your local County Cooperative Extension (I expect you'll find their office in or near the nearest University of Florida facility), tell them what you're doing and ask for associated free handouts. You can download most of 'em, but you'll get more real-life local problem answers from face time than from a downloaded PDF.

> why can't I just bury it?

Hav you considered renting a rototiller? They work great and are far easier on the muscles than a shovel. I used to rototill people's gardens for a living.

Hint: Get one with rear tines, not tines in front. They work much easier with tines in rear.

I'm not worrying. I'm spazzing. There's a difference


poppys are pretty but they only bloom for a few days.
I have sunflowers all over my yard. Once we were able to recognize their sprouts and let them grow, they just took over the yard. It's like a sunflower maze back there. They come back themselves every year and don't need much tending to. They do attract lots of birds though when they are finished blooming, so if you don't want more birds in your yard, then they aren't the best choice.
I wonder how well they would grow where you live?
Are there ANY wildflowers in your area? If there are, most likely these will grow well in your own yard too because they are already used to the climate and soil there.
Sometimes certain organic fertilizers help too.

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