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a bit under 300 sq ft cleared
I woke up later than I wanted to (7am) but worked until 10:30. Then I went inside, showered, had a bit to eat, played a bit, then was like "zzzz." So I took a "nap."

I was up again at 4:30. I went out and worked until 7pm. I was briefly interrupted by a fucking legion of biting flies. (Where the fuck did they come from?!) I hope I don't get malaria fucking around out here (being silly).

So, back inside, showered, ate a *heaping* plate of food, and now I'm like... "zzzz."

I see a pattern here. I don't mind it.

Severe upside: The only thing that hurts is my hands, muscle wise, they're pretty stiff.

Joe took a moment to lean out the window and inform me that this was the first time since he's known me that he's seen me do any labor.

"Yeah, well, I spent my entire young life doing labor. The muscles don't forget."

Seriously, Mom thought a beautiful Saturday was a great day to be outside raking, pulling weeds, cutting limbs. Pardon, a great day to tell *me* to do all these things.

Anyway, I've turned nearly 300 sq ft of soil so far. I've already decided that if I finish the front yard on my own, I'll hire someone to do the backyard for me. Even if that "someone" turns out to be Joe. (He's opposed to me paying so much for something he could do.)

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I think this is why I have such an aversion to gardening, even though I love gardens: I was the one weeding and planting for my Mom when I was a kid :/

But you are whopping ass on that yard lol. It's going to look awesome :)

I did a full 100 sq ft this morning alone. *pats self on the back* But as Joe aptly pointed out, I was also out of shade to work in. So I'll be in the sun pretty much.

My hands were so swollen this morning that I couldn't get my ring off, so I picked up some Epsom salt to soak in after my "evening shift."

At this point, I think I can realistically finished the front yard by the end of September, but I may need to resort to the almighty tiller for the backyard. I'll make that decision come Oct 1.

I have until the first 'cold snap' which is typically Halloween here. (That's when it's recommended I put down the seed.)

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