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Yesterday I had to throw away the gloves I had on. I was loathe to wear them in the first place after forgetting to get a new pair, and they were also falling apart. (not to mention they felt like wet leather *retch*) Yeah, if I don't find a better quality pair I'll just double up on them and try alternating when I wear them.

I'm kinda "happy" that my hands are the only parts that hurt. But... my hands hurt, not like injured, but tight / bruised feeling right at my major knuckles (2nd and 3rd being the worse). And yes, this is along with soaking them in Epsom salts.

Anyway... I've cleared ~700 sq ft. The entire shaded bit of the yard *nearly* to the street, but Joe decided to place a wall of debris in my way. He's also decided to remove the azaleas.

Currently, I'm feeling awesome about finishing the front yard by mid October. Back yard? *Might* be a lost cause. Burn that bridge when I get there.

Mostly, I'm concerned about proper maintenance of a wildflower garden. Yeah, I know it'll look like weeds up close. That's kind of the point... all I was growing to begin with was weeds. This time, they'll have flowers, and I (Joe) won't feel obligated to cut them down before it reverts to woodland. (Which, one year, the backyard was like up to 4 ft and was pretty fucking awesome until Joe destroyed it...) N E WAY.

But seriously, I'd like to keep it pretty and stuff. So I've devoted a lot of time to studying that and pretty much plug my ears any time someone suggests that a yard full of wildflowers is a waste of time / stupid / short sighted.

Currently, I'm trying to brain storm the walkway. I know *generally* where I want the paths to be and how wide / far apart. I just haven't decided what to make it from. As I'm a little tired of unearthing bricks... I don't want that. Huge paving stones *sounds* cool, but... >_> Gravel is out. I hate that shit. Mulch gets everywhere /hate. Why can't I just get some plywood and make planks??? XD No one has shot that down yet, but I'm sure, given the opportunity, someone will tell me how that's a terrible idea.

In short, still not sure.

At this rate, I'll be finished shoveling in 5 weeks (this rate not taking into account surprise buttsex by a hurricane or any late afternoon rain shows).

Luckily, I have 7 weeks until my self-imposed deadline at which point I will throw mental tantrums and proclaim my efforts a failure.

Never mind that winter doesn't start until December. My deadline is Halloween and that's all that matters.

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Plywood is a bad idea, the layers will split in the heat and damp. Find a source of used pallets, the "take 'em away please" kind of source. Pry them apart, you'll have reasonably even and "rustic" planks, and the sides - you can build a walkway out of those. Hardwood, and fantastic for the purpose.

Thank you. I probably would have tried for "new" hardwood first. I'll see if I can collect some old pallets.
I've looked at a few landscaping photos and seen monkey grass around some flagstones, that was neat.

We used some old wood railroad ties to frame our gardens growing up...but we lived next to a railroad and they were easier to come by. Looked great and worked great though. Flagstone is very pretty too- we use that here now since its plentiful- that and volcanic rock- just whatever is easy to get in your area, you know?

You're doing awesome - and it is so NOT a waste of time. After you put your wild flowers in, you can always add to it to give it more depth, etc. Perennials rock and there are so many to choose from (my favorite are the butterfly bushes and hostas - the hostas are awesome to put around trees and to fill in shaded areas) and they keep coming back.

Did you not like the look of a flagstone/stepping stone walkway? People here do it different ways. Some do it more "manicured" - fitting everything like a perfect puzzle (scroll down for the walkway):

Some folks place the flagstones and put gravel or moss in between to shape things up (kinda like this:

A lot of folks just place them and let the grass grow in between like this (bottom picture):

I'm just thinking that, with wood, it will deteriorate quicker - you'll have to replace wood a lot more often where stone lasts.

Actually, yeah, I've decided on stepping stones. My favorite are the solar LED stepping stones that glow green... but can't do that in the front yard. That would be begging for someone to steal one.

My seed came in yesterday and is sitting on the bench behind me. So it doesn't matter at this point. It's going to get done. *giggles*

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