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I have a real answer now.

People, including LJ, real life, and most importantly, the voice in my head, have been asking me, "why don't you just rent a tiller?"

Answer is as follows:

1) I don't need to plant until November. I have the idea now. If I till the ground now, wait two months, there's a high probability I may not feel like putting the seed down. I'm like that. However, if I spent the next 2 months digging... you bet your fucking ass the seed is going in the ground.

2) It's actually kind of fun. This may sound maddening, but being out there, sweat literally dripping into the ground, I don't feel any pain. It doesn't hurt. I'm not exactly 'tired.' It's ... neat. And I'm learning a lot about my front yard. The stuff that lives in it, the funny looking roots, the types of weeds already there, the white grubby things with orange heads, the rotten tree stumps. Oh, and the ants... >_> ... yeah.

I'm going to till the backyard. I can't reasonably do that one on my own, and I can't do it before November (I'm suspicious of that assertion). Either way, the backyard will be machine-assisted. The front yard? Muscle assisted.

As Joe said, "I look out my window and think the same thing everyone else is probably thinking. That bitch is crazy."

Yes, this bitch is crazy. She takes pleasure in spending her evenings digging up soil and yet 'hates' being outside. I hate the sun, so dusk / dawn is cool by me.

Same as I ever was.


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