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Progress Pictures
It's really just dirt, but hey... Dirt of my making.

2 Fridays ago

Last Friday


The felled azalea is a Joe production. Supposedly on Sunday his brother will use a Bobcat (vehicle) to pull up / move the lot of them and dig up the back yard for me. It won't do the job of tilling, just make doing it on my own easier (so I'm told).

Hehe, you can also see the effect of four weeks with no rain. It rained (drizzled) this evening, but it's supposed to be pretty wet all weekend. I finally get a break. My hands are very appreciative.

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Is the dirt under the turf as sandy and dry as it looks in the pics?

If so, if you can guarantee one spot with an inch of water a week, you can likely do kick-ass tomatoes. I know wildflowers is what you want, but... just sayin'. :)

Yes, it certainly is. When I rake it the puffs of dirt look like smoke from a fire.

Actually... with the seed, I get sample packets of stuff. One of them is a packet of tomatoes and the other, heirloom banana peppers.

I've been toying around with the idea of a raised bed or something in the midst. I *certainly* have the room, but I'd rather grow 'edibles' in my back yard.

I was going to ask if you were going to grow any food.

It certainly wasn't in the original plan, but as I've been out there, working... it has occurred to me that I could give the food-gardening thing a fair shake.

Fun fact: Grapes have been growing wild on the back yard fence since we arrived.

No clue. They're a bit smaller than "store grapes" green in color. I've never tasted them, but they come back each year after complete neglect along our side gate.

Could be Concord grapes? They're pretty commonly grown, perennial, and smaller than store-bought. They make good wine, I'm told, and supposedly taste pretty good on their own. I have one plant that hopefully will produce next year. I just planted it this year so I need to wait a season or two.

If you're curious, there is the gardening community on LJ, and they welcome "please help me with plant ID" photo posts.

Mom seems very certain that they are scuppernongs and was quite adamant that I not only save it, but pick some for her each season. They are tough like she described, and she says you can't eat too many at a time because they make your lips tingle.

I think this is why I only ate one and never wanted another.

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