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Front Yard Planting
I put the seed out this morning. Screw the drought, I'll just water the ground myself until it passes.

For the record, here's a list of what's been planted.

Side of the house
Annual: Chinese houses, Four o'clock, Five spot
Perennial: Wild Columbine, Dame's Rocket, Sweet pea, Forget-me-not
Biennial: foxglove

Annual: Prairie aster, Calendula, Godetia, Sulphur Cosmos, Wild cosmos, Chinese Forget-me-not, Indian Blanket, Wild annual sunflower, Dwarf sunflower, wild annual Lupine, Nasturtium
Perennial: Upland white aster, Shasta daisy, Blanket flower, Candytuft, Blue flax, Wild perennial Lupine, Russell Lupine, Mexican hat, Yellow prairie coneflower, Gloriosa daisy, sweet coneflower, Scarlet sage
Biennial: Black-eyed Susan

Side & Center
Annual: Cornflower, Plains Coreopsis, Drummond phlox, Scarlet Flax, Baby's breath, Rose mallow, Baby Snapdragon, Lemon Mint, baby blue eyes, Red poppy, None-so-pretty
Perennial: Lance-leaf Coreopsis, Purple coneflower, California poppy, Johnny jump-up, sweet alyssum
Biennial: Siberian wallflower, Sweet William

Edges & center (curb and driveway)
Crimson Clover

Cosmos 'dazzler' <-- really think I bought *far* too much of this one and too little of the 'center mix' ... Might need to change my icon to a cosmos.

Oh, well. I like red (understatement of the year), but I'll reseed the next year with a mix.

This corner near the front door
No better description, but a little of the center mix, a little clover, and a packet of cardinal flowers. I hear it attracts hummingbirds, also, it's a rare native plant. So I decided to help out in that manner. I hope they take. The seeds are a fine red dust. -_-

For that matter, I hope the whole fucking yard takes. I put down over $100 in seed. And I'm quite anxious that I've done something wrong, but I also know I've taken far more care with this project than many people normally do. So...

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Cosmos are very pretty- I've had small planters started from seed that grew pink, purple, and blue cosmos- love the red color you've chosen!

Holy shit - it's going to look so beautiful! :D

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