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There's no one way
I'm airing a general grievance, hoping that people will realize the error in this and change their ways.

It happens a lot to me when I'm doing passive research (looking for when someone else has asked the question) - so this doesn't exactly happen to me, but to anyone brave enough to ask in the first place, and *especially* in creative writing areas.

Let's go with the one I saw this morning: How do you train a submissive? [It's a kink question, but believe me, this problem spans all disciplines.]

You know what the first answer - all the answers - the answer to fucking everything that sounds like this question is?

There's no one way to do that. You should read XYZ, go to BFE, or just make it up yourself.


I hate that answer so much. It fills me with inordinate amounts of rage. Of course the fucking point is that there's no one way.

The point of the question is to gather examples of all these "different ways," one of them being YOUR WAY, or your IDEA of a way. Then, seeing the examples, can remix off that. It's a question to start a conversation, not get shut down and told, "I'm too fucking lazy to bother with you" by 10 different people.

Okay, that feels better.

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THANK you. I totally agree. It really bothers me because it dies shut down the chance for some good dialogue. All you have to do is out a little disclaimer (ymmv or something like that), but give your opinion! It could be helpful.

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