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Me: Circa Today
I have a bad habit about forgetting there are no current photos of me floating around. So, me, as of today, head to toe. I even took the time to use my computer in order to post this to LJ.

Of special note, boots. *heart flutter*

I did not, however, take the time to resize the image. Oh well.

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Was the pic taken by a very tall person?

Not really... I'm 5'1" he held the camera to his face. I don't think he's much over 5'9", but yeah, he could have held it lower.
Good help is hard to find and all. *laughs*

You sent me a photo years ago. If I remember correctly (pic was lost when hard disk failed), you took the pic of your reflection in a mirror. Which would explain the difference in perspective.

I took this one some time last week, not chosen for this post because of the awkward pose / blurry shot, but it has the better perspective.

Yup. You look petite, but not real short like in the pic you posted above. I am sensitive to perspective shifts with height of the camera. Years ago, I knew a couple who were very different heights. He was abut 6'5" and she was abut 4'8". In her pics of him, he looked like a giant. In his pics of her, she looked like a munchkin.


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