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So Many Pies, So Few Fingers

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Normal shirt
I dreamed I was in this frou frou fancy pants Italian restaurant. The food was a bit off and each time the woman complained the server said that he apologized, but since some editor stopped his subscription... The third time he used that excuse on of the women at the table began crying.

I remarked that we were eating welfare food if they depended on some subscription to get quality ingredients.

I wasn't at the main table, I was off with some guy. I think it was fun at first, but I started getting irritated by him so I got up and tried to go over to the other table, but was told there were already too many people.

I go back, talk with him, a few other people in the restaurant. I go to check out and a credit card is thrown my way. I tell the boy (tall, thinnish, brunette, light skinned, green brown eyes) that he's cute. I realize that the CC means that someone is paying for me. I got back to the larger table and two of the women are still there so I sit with them for a while. The guy I *had* been sitting with was the one who I thought was suddenly cute, who had thrown me the card. So I go back and chat with him.
There were also these two guys who were all in my face talking to me (jovial, not confrontational) and stole my dessert in the process. I told them, 'You could have just asked. I didn't actually want it.'

Somewhere in all this? I take off my shirt. That leads to part two of the dream where I'm trying to buy a souvenir shirt from the counter. I'm given a small and that barely fits over my hand (yes, my hand). I try finding my own shirt, no dice. I say, "I can't go home with my tits out. That's just too hard to explain."

One man suggested I go home with him and his wife and we could all have sex together. The wife was blushing as were their children, and I was thinking, "wow, really?" I turned that down and tried again to get a shirt. Someone different was behind the counter and when they handed me the shirt asked to make sure that I tried it on and did everything I'd need to do later in the outfit to make sure it was comfortable.

I opened it and realized it was a costume, not a shirt (something like an anime panda, for the curious).

At that point I said, "fuck this shit" and decided to wake up.

I woke up and laughed. Then I looked at my phone and saw it was 1am and was like, "Don't move till 4." Somewhere in the 2am hour I went back to sleep for a second.


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