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dark star
I did most of my evening typing by phone yesterday evening as I 'helped' Joe replace the aquatic apparatus on the toilet and sinks. By help: Stood by waiting to have orders barked at me.

Oddly enough, I got a lot done. Current word count: 73k / 100k.

I tried catching sight of the Leonids this morning, but a layer of thin clouds pretty much makes that futile. I need to get ready for work, and it's only 20 / hour anyway. Plus, I've seen the 'best meteor shower ever' already, and I doubt there's going to be anything this morning to top that.

Debating dressing up this morning. I have one final outfit in mind: jean mini skirt, red sweater, black tights (?) and either the burnt orange boots or black ones. Don't know, I'll have to eye ball it when 'dressing time' arrives. I'm thinking I may go with the gray pants instead... too early for that.

So, yesterday, I made up this "first responder." Shadowy apparition, swallows any light around it. Kind of like the demonic secretary in the hall. If you'd like to see anyone in this building, I'll need to speak with you first. An unknown gatekeeper (versus the: "everyone knows you have to go through this person first.") Also, this gatekeeper isn't fearsome of powerful, just dutiful, collecting information, passing the message along, and if someone more important cares: don't call us, we'll call you.
That was my neat thought for the day, I guess.

Today I'll need to figure out who those more important demons are that decide to work with them.


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