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31 Natal Anniversary
Pretty uneventful as far as I know. I'm in great health and superb spirits - and that's what matters most.

I'll probably spend most of the day writing and I plan on cooking myself a birthday dinner (lyonnaise potatoes). I had to call Mom for the recipe, because the internet isn't telling me the way I remember it being made. And yes, her way is completely different from all the 'net recipes.

I "finished" my NaNo story at 86k, but I'm reading over Part II and filling in more description and prose and stuff. I think I should be able to hit 100k.

Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge has been canceled. I'm the last to know, and I'm definitely not cooking this time. Whether Joe wants to join me or not (I'm hoping he will) I plan on going down to Hopjacks (Pizza Taproom) and having fun with other, possibly quite fun and interesting people.

As for the year as a whole? Awesome. Year ahead? Better be awesome.

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Happy Birthday, friend. You are successful and rightfully proud of it.

Happy Birthday! :) I'm off to North Carolina for Thanksgiving this year and I can't wait to leave!

May 31 be yor greatest year so far (emphasis on "so far")

I am sorry I did not write earlier (not feeling too good lately) - but I hope your birthday was a wonderful one. Love you.

No need to feel sorry. I know you've been in hibernation mode. Just as long as you know I'm thinking of you, love you, and will be here with smiles and jokes when you're ready.

(Un)fortunately, I'm not the intrusive type, but I am patient and understanding.

I'm not in a good place right now emotionally .... I am sorry for that. I do love you. It's just hard for me right now.


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