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Finished Nano with 100,063 words last night.

Woke up cold and I wasn't satisfied with my current selection of winter lounge wear so I went to the mall. Punkin came along and I bought a lined sweat shirt and pants from the mens department. Women have a shit selection of warm things. Plus, these fit like a charm (loose).

I also went on a cooking binge when I got home. I made a... Well, here it is.

1lb boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into strips and browned in olive oil. Set aside and cook 1.5 huge sweet onions - halved and sliced into wedges. I cooked the onions (yes, omgwtf onions) while I sliced a pound on carrots then washed and prepped string beans. I set the string beans aside and tossed the carrots in with the onions.
After a while I opened up a jar of spicy basil / tomato sauce, poured it in with a tablespoon of thyme, chili powder, and oregano. Then 2 cups of chicken broth. Then, I put in the chicken and string beans. Simmered all that for 45min.

In the other pot I slices some (~7) potatoes and fried that with a handful of diced onions - added a bit of salt and pepper once they were soft and topped with cheese.

The veggies in the stew are all crisp, but I like that. I served it with a bit of the potatoes and... Damn it was delicious. I don't even know what that meal should be called, but I love it.

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Congratz on the final count. Seems like it's a doozy ;)

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